Get Your Nonprofit Ready for Giving Tuesday with These Tips



In a little over a month, Giving Tuesday will be upon us! On November 27, Giving Tuesday will celebrate the national day of giving that benefits all nonprofits, charities, and individuals. Since its inception in 2012, Giving Tuesday has been a movement nationally led by people such as Bill Gates and even The White House. Last year about $274 million was raised on giving Tuesday alone, benefiting thousands of nonprofits. Is your nonprofit ready for giving Tuesday? See below with a few of our tips here at Rhino Nonprofit.

Tips for Giving Tuesday


Goal Setting

Make sure you identify all the important things you’re looking to accomplish on Giving Tuesday. Every nonprofit will have different goals, whether that be more donations, community engagement, etc. Whatever you’re looking to achieve, clearly set that as a goal of action for this day. Your goal will also be clearly stated in the messaging that reaches your audience for this day.

Form Your Strategy

This is where you begin to gather all the relevant information and resources for your Giving Tuesday campaign. Make sure you gather all relevant emails, names, and followers from your database and configure which channels these people will be communicated to(Facebook,Instagram, etc.). It’s equally important as to how you’ll be tracking all channels and their engagements.

Your nonprofit should have a variety of media tools in place for your Giving Tuesday campaign. These tools should be tweets and Facebook post examples, emails and sign up forms, donation and website pages, press releases, and questionnaires.

Another important aspect is the messaging involved. Will your messaging be specific to #GivingTuesday or will this be the new target message for your nonprofit?

Implement Your Messaging Plan

This is going to take up the majority of your #GivingTuesday plan. This will determine what’s going to be in the social media posts and emails of your campaign. To develop a proper messaging campaign, you need to develop the main narrative of your giving campaign. You must determine the issues that your targeted audience will notice and take a course of action to. It’s important to implement some sort of calendar of days in which certain messaging and posts will be on your nonprofit’s social media.


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Juan Martinez