The Top 5 Reasons to Use Non-Profit Software

Running a non-profit is a rewarding experience for those that run them. They connect people to causes they believe in and support. However, they require a lot of work and commitment. Not every non-profit owner can devote countless hours to growing their membership and keeping track of donors. This is where non-profit management software can help.

The main priority for every non-profit is to increase their donations to effectively reach their goals and impact their community. Tracking these goals are attainable with the help of nonprofit software management tools. If you’re running a non-profit and facing issues such as rapid growing membership that is difficult to track or are looking to find a way to better track financial goals, here are five reasons non-profit software can help your charity.

1.      Track Donor Volume

With this software you can easily track donation funds and the number of donors that come in over time. Donations can be monitored whether they are tracked day-to-day or monthly. The financial statistics are also calculated in the software making it easy to report and track donations. You can also see donor averages such as income per donor. If donors choose to donate on a regular basis you can set up recurring donations which can be tracked as well.

2.      Increase Communication & Presence

It’s important for non-profits to maintain active communications between their current donor prospects. Through non-profit software there are communication tools such as emailing and calendar integration. The emailing tools are simple and easy to setup automated emails and targeted email lists. This is an easy way to keep in contact with donors. There is also a calendar feature where events can be created which easily integrates into your website. Donors will easily be able to track different charity events and check themselves in which is tracked on the software. Another feature that Rhino Nonprofit offers is a shopping feature which integrates into your website. You can easily create donation options which will be featured on your website while payments process through the software.

3.      Automated Payment Processing

Through non-profit software such as Rhino Nonprofit, charities can accept either one-time and recurring credit card or ACH payments. Through the payment processing repeat donors can enroll in recurring billing which saves charities in processing fees. It’s also easy to process payments online and in person at events. Rhino Nonprofit is portable and can be utilized on tablets and mobile as well.

4.      Time Saving = Less Work

After switching over to a donor management system, there is a dramatically reduced workload. To get familiar with the software it typically only takes a few hours after a demo. There are a variety of tasks that are automated such as emailing and billing. The main issue facing a lot of nonprofits is the time that are spent on going through their database and trying to collect donations. With non-profit software all of this is in one place and easy to access. Within the software you’re able to put your fundraising plan in one place.

5.      Donors Feel Safe

Once a possible donor is aware of your charity and interested, they are likely to donate. However, the main cause for non-profits losing donations is because donors have experienced issues making donations. Donor management software provides a safe and secure portal for donations. Rhino Nonprofit provides data encryption and alleviates concerns over data breaches, scams, and viruses. Once donors are comfortable with the donation process and support the charitable effort, they are more likely to become a recurring donor.


These are just a few ways in which nonprofit donor software can be a great asset. They perform a lot of work that some charities simply don’t have time for. If your charity is interested in non-profit software, contact us at Rhino Nonprofit and we would love to help!



Juan Martinez