How to Increase Donations for Your Nonprofit

To fulfill the mission of your nonprofit, donations are what’s going to get you there. Some nonprofits can benefit from grants or other subsidies, but most benefit from fundraising campaigns. It’s important to identify how to get donations to fulfill your nonprofit’s mission.

At Rhino Nonprofit our goal is for your nonprofit to be accessible to donors and facilitate easy donations. If your looking for great methods to increase donations, check out these tips below.

Donation Strategies to Consider

1.)    Inform Donors on their Donation Impact

Donors give their hard-earned money and want to make sure their donation is going to the right place. The mission of your nonprofit might be appealing, but most people want to know where the money goes. Informing potential donors where their money is going can be valuable. Whether it’s telling them their money is going to be supporting a family for a week, supplying clothes for a school, etc. If you can inform them of the importance of their donation, they will be more likely to give. It’s also important give updates to donors on how their donation has been put to good use, showing them their donation made a difference.

2.)    Make Donations Easy

The easier the donation process the better. Having an easy access donation portal is key to facilitating donations. Donors get frustrated if the process is tedious or difficult to understand and this is a common way nonprofits lose donors. Mailing in checks or making payments over the phone is too much work. Accepting payments on a website is by far the easiest way to process donations.

3.)    Share Success Stories

The best way to spread the impact of your nonprofit is to create captivating media and content. If you can show people the impact your nonprofit is having, more people will show support and donate. If you’re able to inspire people, they will begin to see the importance of your nonprofit the same way you do. It’s important to share this content all over the web, such as emailing current and past donors, sharing to your Facebook and all over your social media channels. Creating a strong image is very important for your nonprofit.

4. Give Something Back

This might seem odd, but some donors give more if they get something in return! Perhaps encourage a $30 donation that comes with a branded hat instead of a $10 donation. This is a way of showing donors your appreciation while giving them something reminding them of your nonprofit every time they use it. These small incentives can go a long way towards increasing donation amounts in the long run.


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Juan Martinez