The Benefits of Donor Management

Donor management platforms exist to support the efforts of nonprofits. Many nonprofits only accept donations through mail or PayPal, and as a result, they can’t track their donors. A donor management system allows nonprofits to keep track of their donations over time while maintaining a useful CRM system. 

It Saves Time!

A donor management platform can save the time of several tasks all in one system! Some of these functions include reporting, email communications, and event scheduling. A donor management system will automate all the necessary financial reporting, send mass emails to donors, and repeat recurring event dates. This could reduce the amount of staff needed to facilitate the necessary functions for the nonprofit. Having many of the necessary tools to manage a nonprofit is essential.

Provides Valuable Data

With the use of a donor management platform, there’s a vast amount of data available for nonprofits. They can track donor tendencies, trends, and other important factors that can impact important nonprofit decision making and strategies. A nonprofit software platform will give valuable information on current and even prospective donors because the software can connect to your website as well.


A cloud-based donor management platform will always be available on the go, whenever you need it. Being able to manage your nonprofit on the go is essential because you won’t always be in the office. Being able to pull up important information at any time is highly valuable for any nonprofit. With Rhino Nonprofit you can easily access it on a tablet, cell phone, or laptop/desktop. Mobility is critical especially for nonprofit events that will involve digital waivers, volunteers, and staff.

Simple User Experience

The whole purpose of nonprofit software is to simplify operations for the user! A great donor platform will pull all user information from your website and convert it into the software. This is exactly what Rhino Nonprofit Software can do! With features such as giving forms, recurring billing, event scheduling, these all simplify operations for nonprofits.

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Juan Martinez