501(c)3 Management Software Doesn't Hurt Your Budget, Operating without Efficiency Does.

Many times with budget in mind, nonprofit directors and managers skip on a customer relationship management software.  Because of this fear of being out of budget, many nonprofits lose out on important features that can increase positive donor relations and donations.  As with for-profit businesses, nonprofit businesses are not exempt from the need for growth; business without growth is an uphill battle that is too often lost without the right tools.

Choosing the Rhino Nonprofit donor management software can equip your 501(c)3 organization with powerful tools like lead capture widgets, donation payment processing on single and recurring basis, marketing communications, and more.  Afraid to break your budget? Our low monthly cost and low processing rates are negligible compared to the increased efficiency and streamlined online donation processing.  The cost of not managing your staff, volunteers, members, and donors efficiently may have a larger impact on your budget than you think.  Try a 30 day trial of Rhino Nonprofit to see the difference in your operations today.

Juan Martinez