How Nonprofits Can Utilize a Donor CRM


Are you still using PayPal to accept donations? Don’t worry! A donor management platform such as Rhino Nonprofit can not only process donations but also will provide a powerful donor management CRM. Check out the ways a donor management platform can help your nonprofit!

Provides Valuable Data Management

While utilizing PayPal has no extra monthly fees, it will only process donations. It lacks the ability to give insights on donation metrics. With nonprofit donor management, donation amounts, donor information, and financial information is easily accessible. This allows nonprofits to keep track of the growth of their nonprofit over time.

Allows Seamless Communications

Through Rhino Nonprofit software you can easily message all your email subscribers and even utilize an existing MailChimp account. This allows for automatic email reminders, along with an option to also send SMS text messages to subscribers and prospects. A key to running a nonprofit is to maintain contact with donors to keep them aware of upcoming events and news. These are important ways to communicate besides directly asking for donations.

Online Product Store

With Rhino Nonprofit, you can integrate an online product store to sell any products or memberships your nonprofit offers. Through the software, all sales and reporting information goes into it after completed sales. In the software you can manage your own product store easily while promoting the offerings of your nonprofit online.

Overall, a nonprofit donor CRM has many benefits for nonprofits. If you believe your nonprofit could benefit from this, click the button below to schedule a demo!

Juan Martinez