How to Get Donors Involved During the Holiday’s


The holiday season (Thanksgiving-New Year’s) is a crucial time for nonprofits to engage current and prospective donors. During this time there’s Giving Tuesday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, which are all times that people are considering making donations. Online donations tend to rise during this time of year, even though some nonprofits end their campaigning efforts after the Fall.

Even if all the major events for your nonprofit are done, it’s important not to forget about the holiday season. Here are a few ways your nonprofit can reach more donors and get them involved this holiday season.

Emphasize the Spirit of the Season

During the Christmas season there is a huge feeling of wanting to give. So many people decide to give to various charities, so why can’t it be yours? Share stories about the mission of your nonprofit and inspire others to see your vision. Let people know who you’re helping, and they will likely feel an urge to donate to your nonprofit. This is a key time to take to social media, emailing, and mailers to reach people regarding your nonprofit’s goals for the holiday.

Ask for Gifts!

There might be donors who support your mission but might not have the financial means at this time of year to support your nonprofit. Have you ever considered an in-kind donation? This is when goods or services are donated in lieu of money. For example, if your nonprofit needs food or clothing, ask for that instead! You can also ask local businesses to donate items they are getting rid of such as old furniture. You’re much more likely to receive gifts from people as opposed to solely asking for donations.

Offer Donations as Gifts

Another option is to encourage people to donate in the name of someone’s behalf and to give that as a gift. It could be great to promote this especially during the Christmas season when people are looking for gift ideas. You can develop a gift package that includes your nonprofit’s logo, mission, and something small such as a coffee mug, stuffed animal, or anything that’s small that you can physically give someone. This is a personal way in which you can reach people and is likely something that they will remember.

Prepare for the New Year

Those who have donated throughout the year might not be giving again during the holiday season. Start to prepare for January and your donation campaigns for the new year. Once the new year hits, make sure to tell donors how their giving made an impact and your goals for the coming year.

Juan Martinez