An Alternative to PayPal for Nonprofits: Rhino Nonprofit

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Don’t get us wrong, PayPal can be a great tool for nonprofits! It gives nonprofits a simple donation button to utilize on their website and is very simple. However, it lacks other features that are necessary for nonprofits. Some of these include useful CRM solutions such as customized reporting features, donor management tracking, and the product store management options. These will all be discussed below.

Customized Reporting

With the customized reporting features in Rhino Nonprofit, you can easily track payments by month, recurring donors, and donation volume. On the main menu it automatically tracks donation volume and the number of donors per month. With these useful features, you can track the success of your nonprofit and put your time and attention towards running your nonprofit. This initial menu also calculates other figures such as bills due, bills processing, payments made, and income per donor.

Donor Management Tracking

Through our system, you can track all your donors past and present. Each time a donation comes through they get made a profile in the Rhino Nonprofit system. There’s nothing you have to do! With PayPal there’s no way to track donors past their initial donation. You’re able to create a donation profile for donors and the ability to also communicate with them through the emailing feature in the software as well.

Product Store Management

Does your nonprofit sell any products besides taking donation? The product store is a great feature to sell products on your website! You simply input these items into Rhino Nonprofit and they go onto your website. All the purchases made on your website go into Rhino Nonprofit meaning you can track which products sell the best! Having donations and products all in the same place makes it easy for you to run your nonprofit.

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Juan Martinez