Successful Marketing Strategies for Nonprofits

Many nonprofits are faced with a difficult challenge, coming up with a marketing budget when they are already strapped for money. To raise awareness for their cause they need to deploy different marketing campaigns to generate interest and donations. Although this can be a challenge, it’s not an impossible hump to get over. Check below for some marketing strategies nonprofits can utilize to their advantage.

Encourage Engagement Through Video

Utilizing a simple video is an easy way to spread the message of your nonprofit. This evokes emotion in viewers as they can truly see the real-life impact your nonprofit has. The use of video on social media such as Facebook can also be very impactful. One video alone can be shared thousands of times and could possibly reach millions of people (in some cases). At the end of the day hitting people emotionally is what’s going to have the most profound impact on them taking action. If people are emotionally impacted by your nonprofit, they will be more likely to donate.

Utilize the “Donate Now” Button on Facebook

As of 2015, nonprofits could apply on Facebook to accept donations. This is a great call-to-action button to encourage donations on your Facebook page. To utilize this feature, your nonprofit must have a verified Facebook page and hold a 501(c)(3) status. Now people don’t need to make their way to your website and they can conveniently donate while they’re on Facebook. The most important aspect of Facebook is that it puts your nonprofit right in front of the audience. For some lesser known nonprofits, they might not get this type of exposure anywhere else besides Facebook.

Utilize Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a valuable tool for nonprofits. For every donation nonprofits get, they can collect customer emails, which then feed into their email list. Over time this list will grow bigger and bigger and it’s up to nonprofits to take advantage of this. Email can be a great way to attract new donors and increase retention with past donors. You can also create targeted groups based on user activity. For email marketing, it’s all about being creative and simple for nonprofits. You need to show donors the value and impact of their donations to your nonprofit. In emails, if the copy is short and to the point, people have likely read them and take the intended course of action. Compelling videos and image are also very important as well.

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Juan Martinez